Money Counting Machine (XD-450P)


1.Inbuilt thermal printer
2.Double pocket multicurrency (non-stop counting with rejected pocket )
3.Advanced dual CIS detection
4.Serial numbers reading
5.Software can be updated to support any upcoming denomination or currency
6.Error Detection: Double Detection, Half Note Detection, Chain Note Detection
7.sorting modes: face / orient / version / denomination/ fitness
8.Available currencies select: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, MXN… Up to 40 currencies
9.Counterfeit Detection: CIS Image, Magnetic, Infrared, Ultraviolet
10.Options: Customer Display / Thermal Printer / PC connection
11.Interface: RS-232, USB,LAN
12.Printer and PC connection
13.Touch panel

Model: XD-450P
Display: 3.5 Inch TFT Display
Counting Speed: 800 / 1000 /1200 notes/min
Size of Countable Note: 50×110/90×180mm
Machine Dimensions: 265(W) x 295(D) x 285(H)mm
Net Weight: 9.82kg/unit
Size of Carton: 450x420x410mm
Gross Weight: 12.7kg
Power Supply: lding  100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 0.2A(100~240 VAC) 120W
Hopper Capacity: 500 pcs
Stacker Capacity: 200pcs
Reject Capacity: 100pcs
Display Language: English or Customized
Feed system: Roller Friction System
Temperature: 0℃~35℃(Operating)
Usage Environment: -10℃~60℃(Stock)
Humidity: 20%~90%(no condensation)

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XD-450P is a touch panel double Pocket money counting machine with an inbuilt thermal printer, which is the perfect solution for a fast, accurate, and reliable banknote counting process that can fit any business’s needs.

Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Double RGB, IR, CIS sensors are used in XD-450P
It can sort bills according to the first banknote counted.
It can also sort banknotes according to their faces and orientation.


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