Money Counting Machine (EC1500)



1. cis/uv/ir/mg/mt/sn/db counterfeit detection
2. upgradable to support any new currency yet to be introduced
3. mix value counting of multi currency
4. selectable counterfeit detection levels
5. add mode: allows cumulative counts
6. auto currency identification
7. auto mixed currencies identification (mix.c)
8. easy os updates via sd card/usb
9. error detection: double detection, half note detection, chain note detection
10. denomination detection: CIS
11. serial numbers read/save/print
12. supports printer and pc connection
13. available currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, GHS
14. counterfeit detection: cis, magnetic, infrared, ultraviolet
15. supports remote display / thermal printer
16. interface: rs-232x 1, usb x 1
17. multi languages selection

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This EC1500 Money counting machine is your ultimate tool for easy and effective money counting. Its also best for validating of Multiple currencies. This is a professional-grade mixed-bill counter and counterfeit detector. This EC1500 Money Counting Machine is  designed for high-volume use. It is ideal for businesses that need fast, error-free counting for multiple currencies. Its also proven 100% accurate bill authentication.

Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions28 × 26 × 27 cm


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