Money Counting Machine (SB9)




1. multi-currencies capability : can recognize up to 10 currencies
2. compact size : can be placed even on a small table
3. 3″ tft lcd : clearly visible 3″ color tft lcd display
4. various count modes : mixed / single / count / face / orient/ (issue / srl / p-ocr)
5. enhanced counterfeit detection : multi-channels of uv / mr(metal thread detection) / infrared / 3d size detection / mg detection
6. dual-user system : two users can share one sb-9 unit
7. easy upgrade : upgrade using usb flash drive or pc interface
8. easy jam removal : 2 openings from top and rear side of sb-9
9. user friendly : keyboard sound and light signal

1. Hopper Capacity:Approx. 500 notes
2. Stacker Capacity:Max. 200 notes
3. Reject Capacity:Max. 70 notes
4. Batch:1~ 999
5. Counting Speed (700, 1000, 1200, 1500) per min
6. Interface:2* RS232C / 2* USB / LAN
7. Detection:UV, MG, MR, IR, 3D with CIS Technology
8. Power Supply:100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
9. Bank Note Size: W: 100 ~ 185, H: 50 ~ 90
10. Dimension (WxDxH):280 x 269 x 261mm
11. Weight :Approx. 8kg

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SB9 Money counting machine is the most intelligent and reliable money counting machine. It uses image processing technology to recognize banknote and to discriminate denominations.

SB9 Money Counting Machine, one of the advanced SB Series, is the world’s smallest currency discriminator having 2 pockets, a stacker and a reject pocket. SB-9 has various and useful function and keep up with growing customers demand from all over the world. 

With modern design, full graphic LCD and user-friendly interface, SB-9 provides every operator with more comfortable and efficient working environment. Having a reject pocket,SB-9 allows operators to perform daily cash processing job without any interruption. While counting, suspect banknote, unrecognized banknotes and strange notes automatically diverted to the reject pocket assuring continuous operation. 

Weight8 kg
Dimensions28 × 26.9 × 26.1 cm


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