Money Counting Machine (BRIO 8 PLUS)



1.Sorting and Non-stop counting with reject pocket
2.Fully automatic currency recognition and mixed value counting function
3.Easy operations with color touch screen and heavy-duty durable keys
4.Various mood of counting – Mix, Sort, Version, Face, Orientation, Image, PCS
5.UV, MG, IR, MT and CIS Detecting function
6.Double CIS sensor with RGB & IR light sources
7.Value discrimination with serial number Capturing and reporting – printing
8.Connect with PC and data transferring and software upgrading ability
9.UV+MG+MT+IR Image detecting system and high quality fake note recognition possibility
10.Currency available – EURO, USD, GBP, GHS and up to 18 currencies optional
11.Half note, Chained / Double note detection
12.Automatic / Manual start function
13.Add function
14.Batch presetting function – Value batch and PCS
15.Fully self-diagnosis function
16.Built-in UV lights, focusing on reject pocket to verification of fake notes
17.Three counting speeds
18.Design of open channel, easy maintenance and jam removing
19.Compact design – compact in size and avant-garde design
20.Available ports RS-232, RJ-45 and USB, SD card slot upgrade software
21.Remote Customer display
22.Thermal Printer – Optional

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The Brio 8 Plus money counting machine has a Unique design of open channel. This allow users to access  notes moving passage and sensor areas to jammed note removal and cleaning without having to loosen one single screw even no technician’s support.

lowest noise in this specially developed Brio 8 plus money counting machine feeding and counting mechanism.

Easy updates and upgrades: simply plug in USB flash drive or insert SD card to SD slot. This saves new software and switch the old OS on the machine. New currencies, Fake Note upgrades, any other languages or same updates and upgrades can also be sent by email. All in all that you no longer have to wait for a technician just only to wait for the email.


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